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  • Undergraduate vs Graduate

    You’ve heard the terms “Undergraduate” degree and “Graduate” degree before, but what’s the difference? Bottom Line Undergraduate degrees are offered by colleges, and Graduate degrees are offered by Universities. Undergraduate Undergraduate, commonly called undergrad, degrees are those degrees up to and including a Bachelor’s. More than 2/3rds of all degrees handed out every year are undergrad. These degrees are often broader, as the school is focusing on teaching you how to learn and think while making you more well rounded knowledge-wise. Certificates and specialized training are a little bit different. They offer entry-level training specific to your career field. They… Read More

  • College Selection Process Overview

    College Selection Process Overview Most wrestler’s college search process starts when they get contacted by a college wrestling coach. Then they spend their time focusing only on the institutions that have contacted them and never really evaluate where they fit best. Going about selecting an institution to attend can be complicated and overwhelming. It’s only made more so if you go about it without any plan and process in mind. Saying you want to get somewhere and then not defining how you are going to get there will rarely get you where you want to be. Think of it as… Read More

  • College Selection Process – Step 1

    Every process is different, and everyone has different ways to perform their search. This guide is meant to help you figure out how to start your process. Other guides will go further in-depth on the other stages.   Overview, Step 2, Step 3, Step 4, Step 5, Step 6, Step 7. When do you start? Today! If you are already in high school and haven’t started. You may be a freshman and wonder why do it now? So much is going to change. You’re right. It will. But, by doing it earlier, it gets you started and moving in that… Read More

  • College Selection Process – Step 2

    Step 1 was mostly about building the foundation for the informational aspect of your search. Next is going to be about building the feeling portion of your lists, but there are some information building and refining as well. Now it’s time to learn a little more about what you feel when you are on an institution’s campus. The feeling you get with an institution is very personal and not something you can create by looking it up on the internet.  So, step 2 is going to be to visit some schools. You’re going to pick a few schools that are… Read More

  • College Selection Process – Step 3

    So far, you’ve started the college search process by creating your lists and identifying what you do and don’t want in a school. You’ve been able to visit some schools and put good work into both your sets of lists. Now you’re going to use that information to start narrowing down schools to those that fit what you know you’re looking for at this point. While we are going to go into the next step, never think that the previous step is completed and done with. You are going to be continuously re-evaluating and updating your lists. You’re going to… Read More

  • College Selection Process – Step 4

    You’ve now successfully narrowed down your institutions to a more manageable level and have done all the research you can on them via the internet and other means. The informational lists have been vetted the applied to your search as best you can. Now it’s time to see what those campuses feel like. It’s time to take some visits to the institutions you are interested in. This is where you get to really start evaluating your feelings list in-depth. You may have visited some of the schools on your list from step two, but that’s alright, revisit them. You’re going… Read More

  • College Selection Process – Step 5

    Welcome to step 5 of the college selection process! At this point, you’ve researched and visited enough institutions to have a good idea of what type you are looking for, and how you should feel on campus. This is where your wrestling program search, and college search will converge together to become one, mostly. Overview, Step 1, Step 2, Step 3, Step 4, Step 6, Step 7.   Research You just finished visiting a few campuses that you believe fit what you want in an institution, and you’ve got quite a bit of new notes and information from each. It’s… Read More

  • College Selection Process – Step 6

    The homestretch has arrived. You’re down to the last few institutions, and you are ready to learn every possible piece of information you can about an institution. Now you should have your list of institutions you’re going to take your final visits to. There’s no specific order the visits need to be made and is often dictated by schedules and availability. These visits are similar to previous visits, except you’re now looking for how institutions match to your lists. You currently have an excellent idea of what you are looking for; it’s time to find it. The majority of your… Read More

  • Options to Wrestle After High School

    You want to continue your wrestling career. What are your options? Here we will lay out all your options and, in future guides, go more in-depth into each one. If you are a male: Freestyle Greco Folkstyle If you are a Female: Freestyle Folkstyle   Males, depending on style, can choose from: College OTC RTC   Females, depending on style, can choose from: College OTC RTC. Acronyms: OTC – Olympic Training Center RTC – Regional Training Center X = Option Available – = Option Not Available PinFall Recruiting If you have any questions or comments on this guide or ideas… Read More

  • College Selection Process – Step 7

    You’ve finally come to the end of the road! Though while this is the end, hopefully, it is typically the hardest part. Every institution has its unique things that make them great, and you have to sort through them and figure out the one right for you. Sometimes it’s undeniable and straightforward. Many times, it’ll take a lot of thought and deliberation to figure it all out. At this point you will be taking all the information you have available to you and using it to determine what institution you should attend to help you reach your goals and dreams…. Read More