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    What does FAFSA stand for? Free Application for Federal Student Aid Website Click Here What is it? An application that determines the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) and eligibility for federal need-based aid. It is the tool the federal government and states use to determine if a wrestler would qualify for grant money, federal loans, and work-study. States may also use the FAFSA for their aid programs. Federal loans are usually a better option for wrestlers as they typically have lower interest rates and student protections built into them in comparison to private ones.  Work-study is a federal program that allows… Read More

  • Professional Judgment – FAFSA

    Finances can change in an instant. Job loss, sickness, pandemic, or many other issues can change your family’s finances and, in an instant and affect your ability to pay for school. The FAFSA is submitted with the previous year’s taxes and only captures your financial situation at a particular time (when you submitted the application). It may not accurately depict your financial situation later when you are getting ready to pay for college. If your situation changes for the worse, an institution’s financial aid administrator can do what is called a Professional Judgment. Professional Judgments can occur for both financial… Read More

  • Grant vs. Loan vs. Scholarship

    Grants, Scholarships, and Loans. These are three different sources of aid that are provided to wrestlers to help you pay for your education. We are going to explore the differences between each, so you know what each is and what it means for you. Who Provides Them? Grants – typically government organizations, non-profits, and schools Scholarships – awarded by a wide variety of organizations Loans – provided by the government, banks, and private organizations How is Award Determined? Grants – Most often by financial need Scholarships – By criteria established by the provider; normally achievement or qualification based Loans –… Read More

  • Student Loans

    Student loans. The phrase makes you cringe just reading it. Unfortunately, loans are the primary way students pay for their college education. No one likes them, but they are the reality of continuing education. Loans come from a couple of different sources and knowing the difference can potentially save thousands of dollars. The two primary sources of loans are from the federal government and private sources. Private loan sources include banks, credit unions, states, and loan companies. Loans are included in the financial aid package to show how much you would need to borrow based upon what the school believes… Read More

  • Federal Student Loans – Overview

    Federal Loans are a reality of almost everyone who attends college. College is expensive, and loans are the most common way students pay for it. The federal government has its own loan program, which should be the first loan student turn to. Read a Loan Overview here. Read a Student Loan Overview here. This is a brief overview of the federal loan program, and other articles will go more in-depth on each one. Types of Loans There are four different loan programs offered: Direct Subsidized Direct Unsubsidized Direct PLUS (also known as Parent PLUS and Grad PLUS) Direct Consolidated Direct… Read More

  • All About Loans

    Loans are, unfortunately, the primary way wrestlers pay for college. In 2020, there are about 1.56 trillion dollars in student loans outstanding to almost 45 million students, close to 35k per student. Student Loans are also the second-highest cause of debt in the US. None of that is to scare you; it’s just to show you the reality of the importance of loans for a college education. Loans are a great tool to use for school if you understand them, and use them correctly. Read more about loans: Student Loans Overview Federal Loans Overview What are Loans? Quite simply, a… Read More