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Scholarship Application Form


  • Male or Female
  • 2021 HS graduate entering college for Fall 2021 term

Will be awarded to 1 male and 1 female who meets the above eligibility criteria.

Minimum of $650 but may vary based upon donations.

You must consult your school’s financial aid office on whether the scholarship can be accepted.

Scholarship will be paid to your school’s financial aid office directly.

Scholarship selection does not mean the scholarship will be awarded.

Awarding of the scholarship is contingent on acceptance by your school’s financial aid office.

If your school’s financial aid office does not accept the scholarship, it will be awarded to someone else.

There is no restriction on which college you choose to attend.

There is no connection between PinFall Recruiting and any institution.

Athletic participation and/or success is not a factor in selection.

  • Gender * MaleFemale

  • These questions are designed to help PinFall Recruiting deliver the best resources to help future recruits navigate the recruiting process.

  • The "Other" Questions