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Nick Barber – Ashland

The Who
Nick Barber
Canfield, OH

The Rundown
SQ @ 113, 106

The Commit

“I decided Ashland because the coaches were cool and chill. They have a great school, and their team is loaded. They’re ranked top 10 in D2 right now, and the goals and guys on the team were what I wanted.”

“Getting 1% better every day in the classroom and on the mat. Along with winning a national championship as a team.”

The Others
Clarion, Cleveland State, Lake Erie, Ohio

The Division
“Schooling was the main reason, but I know I can compete at a high level in D2. I’d rather be the guy in D2 than a guy on a roster in D1!”

The Keys
“One giant goofy family that has the same mindset and attitude toward the sport and life!”

The Fit
“A kid who loves to learn and compete and willing to do what it takes to make it to the next step and win a national title.

Solid wrestler, “Good in any and all positions, and willing to scrap with anyone.”

“125/133; I’ll redshirt as a freshman, get a feel for college wrestling, then crack the lineup!”

“7 minutes of fun, hard wrestling.”

The Now
“I need to work on snap downs, go behinds, and being ready to work all day every day.”

“The goal is to win a state title, or at least make the finals, and show everyone how hard I’ve worked throughout my high school career.”

The Future
“I gave it everything I had for the school I love, and we defied odds and won a national championship.”

The Message
“It’s a smaller school, so you can focus on the education aspect a lot easier, along with having a great wrestling program and staff. It’s like a big family!”

The Fun Fact
I didn’t start wrestling until 6th grade.

I moved schools, and after football practice one day, my coach said I should wrestle since I blast doubled someone.”

The Eagles
D2 School located in Ashland, OH.

Had 7 National Qualifiers for 2020 National Tournament.

Class of 2021
Nick Barber – Canfield, OH

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