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Mike Toranzo – Oregon State

The Who
Mike Toranzo
St. Joseph Regional, NJ

The Rundown
6th @ 220
SQ @ 220
3rd NHSCA So. @ 220
5th NHSCA Fr. @ 220
5th Escape the Rock @ 220

The Commit
Oregon State

“When I took my trip up there, I really really enjoyed it; the landscape was beautiful. I really enjoyed touring around the campus and hearing what the school had to offer academically & athletically. I also really liked the feel of the west coast compared to the east coast and all the different restaurants they had out there.

Wrestling wise, they are definitely a competitive team that has a family feel. They are looking to grow and take the program to levels, which really intrigued me as an athlete. I love to be around people who are like that. It hit pretty close to home because where I’m at now, St Joes is a program that has grown so much from my freshman year to now. From being barely ranked in the county with a bunch of holes into the lineup to being one of the top teams in the state of NJ and contenders to anyone at the national level.”

“The west coast has definitely a slower pace and nicer people, anywhere you go. It was a refreshing change.”

“A great academic and wrestling program with lots of support behind it. Also, a bunch of things to do outside and wrestling and school, like football games, bible study, different events, and more.”

The Others
“A couple of other schools on the east coast.”

The Division
“Something I have worked towards my entire life, I’ve always wanted to be a division 1 athlete for as long as I could remember, and I didn’t want anything else.”

The Keys
“A competitive team that was hardworking with a good coaching staff, and after talking over the phone, it sounded like that’s what they got, especially the coaching staff. In my opinion, it’s unmatched with [head] coach [Chris] Pendleton, [assistant coach Mike] Kosoy, Imar [assistant coach Isaiah Martinez], and [assistant coach Nate] Engle.

Academic support for the athletes and good people guiding me through my future in and out of the classroom.”

The Fit
“Getting a kid from Jersey.”                       

“Expect wins; every match is going to feel like a war for my opponent.”

“Wherever my coaches and I feel best [lineup fit].”

The Now
“Probably my cardio; I might need an adjustment since the pace is going to be faster at the college level. Also, sharpen and polish up my wrestling.”

The Future
“Be a part of this team and the rebuild, as well as an NCAA title. Also, to come out of school with a good degree.”

“I’ve accomplished all of my goals to the best of my ability and have no regrets.”

The Message
“Check out the campus. It’s just as good and amazing as anyone describes it. Totally worth the time to go out and visit. Deciding to come to Oregon State is a great choice.

Go Beavs!!!”

The Fun Fact
“I like to play the ukulele.”

I can play a couple songs; my favorite is Saturday Nights by Khalid.” 

Picked it up my 7th or 8th-grade summer, it was laying around at my cousin’s house while I was out in Colorado for vacation, and I taught myself.” 

The Beavers
D1 School located in Corvallis, OR.

Had 2 National Qualifiers for 2020 National Tournament.

Class of 2021
#110 Jacob Barnes – McMinnville, OR
Ricky Bell – West Linn, OR
Cael Brunson – West Linn, OR
Caleb Coyle – Millard South, NE
Hunter Eveland – Crescent Valley, OR

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