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Korbin Shepherd – Missouri

The Who
Korbin Shepherd
Blue Springs, MO

The Rundown
State Champ @ 120
Runner-Up @ 126, 106

The Commit

“I grew up around guys who went to Mizzou and had success. In youth, I was teammates with Daniel Lewis for a few years; he went to the same high school, went to Missouri, and was a 4x All-American. Dom Bradley has been a very influential coach throughout my career, and to have someone that I’ve known since I was six be recruiting me to my dream school, I couldn’t say no.

[Head] Coach [Brian] Smith has an amazing thing going on with Tiger Style and keeping good guys in state. And then [assistant] Coach [Kendrick] Maple and [assistant] coach [Tyrell] Todd are both studs that I cannot wait to get to campus and pick their brains.

Plus, all the guys I will be able to train with are absolute hammers that will push me to be the best version of myself.

Another big thing that I’ve talked with Dom Bradley about is being able to be close to home and represent Missouri on the big stage.

I truly believe that I have what I need to be a National Champion at Mizzou and that the team is capable of bringing home a trophy as well.”

The Tiger Style
“It’s a culture; doing one more rep, staying ten more minutes after a practice, taking the stairs instead of an elevator. They want to be the best in the classroom and on the mat. That’s something that I want to be a part of”

The Others
Campbell, Little Rock, North Dakota State, Northern Illinois, Oregon State, Wyoming

The Keys
“I’m a student first, so the first thing I looked at was their majors and different programs to make sure the schools had what I wanted. I’m going into their pre-professional physical therapy program.

Secondly, I wanted to be somewhere that the coaches and wrestlers would be there for me on and off the mat. I want to be able to grow as a wrestler and a man, and the group of guys at Mizzou can help me with both.

Missouri is a bunch of guys I have grown up with traveling. Last summer Connor Brown worked with me a lot and actually traveled with my family to coach me at Folkstyle Nationals and World Team Trials. Having a guy like that to be able to show me the ropes my freshman year is super exciting.”

The Fit
“Someone who’s going to be a leader, who’s ready to come in every day and work their butt off to accomplish their goals. Someone who’s not afraid to take their lumps, who’s ready to compete against the best in the country, and ultimately prove that they are the best. I’m competitive in everything I do.”

“I like to score points and to scramble; be ready for high scoring and entertaining matches.”

“I’ll be wrestling 133 pounds.”

The Now
“I need to work a lot on bottom. With there being riding time in college, I need to be able to get away fast enough so that it doesn’t become a problem.”

“I want to go undefeated and win my 2nd state title, and I want to win a team trophy as well. Our guys are more than capable of that, and we are prepared to do so.”

The Future
“I want to win an individual national title and bring home a team championship as well.”

“Know that regardless of how results go that I gave everything I could and that I left as a better human being.”

The Message
“It’s a great community of people on and off the mat. The amount of Mizzou fans that have reached out to me in the past three days is insane. Random people telling me, “Welcome to the Zou,” so that’s awesome that I’m already having fans, I guess you could say.

And Tiger Style is a recipe for success, so if you want to succeed, your home is in Columbia, MO.”

The Fun Fact
While I was at the Olympic Training Center last summer, I played against Greco world team member Kamal Bey in Spikeball. I can confirm he is VERY good at it.”

He’s just such an athlete, so he was able to make every single play on the ball. You loved to play with him, hated to be against him.”

Without a doubt, Bey [best], second would have to be Joey Cape from Illinois.”

The Tigers
D1 School located in Columbia, MO.

Had 8 National Qualifiers for 2020 National Tournament.

Class of 2021
Korbin Shepherd – Blue Springs, MO

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