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Joe Jackson – Roanoke

The Who
Joe Jackson
Episcopal, FL

The Commit

“Roanoke was one of the first schools to reach out to me. [Head] Coach [Nate] Yetzer came to Florida for a clinic, and I attended it.

I always loved Virginia and the mountains, so the location of the school fit perfectly. The campus was friendly, and everyone on the wrestling team was very welcoming towards me when I went up to Roanoke a couple of weeks ago for a camp.”

“Up until about middle school, I had no idea about wrestling. Football was my thing until I began to become outsized by the other guys around me. I stayed about 4’11 and 70 lbs and decided to pick up wrestling because I thought it looked fun. Never did I think I’d be where I am today.”

The Others
“I was looking into some other local schools if I didn’t wrestle for whatever reason, like Jacksonville University. But for wrestling, I was also looking into Central College up in Iowa. I didn’t have many other choices once I found Roanoke, though.”

The Division
“I felt like D3 was the best fit mainly because of the school. I loved Roanoke and didn’t mind wrestling there. I want to have a good education through college.

But it was mainly just the coincidence that Central and Roanoke were both D3.”

The Keys
“Mainly the location of the school and size. I found Roanoke, and the bonus of the wrestling team was great!”

The Fit
“I believe I’m a great leader. I’ve learned maturity over the year of wrestling and other sports, teamwork, and a good attitude. My work ethic can help me compete at the collegiate level to really help coach Yetzer.

I feel once I commit to something, I take it head-on, so ultimately, they’re going to get a great four years from me.”

“Constantly pushing the pace throughout the whole match. I believe I have a large gas tank when it comes to conditioning. See someone who can get the job done and do it well.”

“I think I’ll be a great fit at 133/141. I’ve been gaining a lot of weight in the off-season.”

The Now
“Just keeping up my pace and conditioning, I can always improve in wrestling, but I want to focus on my conditioning and strength in the weight room after my senior season.”

“A state championship for sure. I’ve been working for it since middle school. I’ve been training hard this summer, and up until this point, so it’ll be a very exciting season.

I want to hit my 100th win (29 left to go) and win district and regional titles.”

The Future
“One of my goals for Roanoke is just to get through school to help me through life.

It feels great to be in a program that’s just starting out, so my goals are to help build the team. Wrestling wise, it’ll be an NCAA championship. It’ll take a couple of years, but Roanoke, I believe, has that in their best interest.”

“I want to look back, ultimately, on time spent having fun and getting better, On a very successful collegiate career and friends I made on the way. I gave Roanoke and coach Yetzer everything I had for four years.”

The Message
“Roanoke is a fantastic school. It felt like home when I visited this October; everyone is so approachable. The weather seems great, too, considering Florida is always 90+ degrees. I love the outdoors, and Roanoke is right in the middle of it all.

The team and coaches seem very personal, and they care a lot about you.”

The Fun Fact
“I’m actually red-green colorblind and can’t tell the difference between the red and green ankle straps at tournaments.”

Typically, it’s my coaches playing jokes on me telling me the wrong band. Usually, I wait until the other wrestler grabs his, and I grab the other one, but the ref does correct me a lot.”

The Maroons
D3 School located in Salem, VA.

First season of competition is 21’-22′.

Class of 2021
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Corey Messick – Milford, DE
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