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Jake Kowalski – Findlay

The Who

Jake Kowalski

Springboro, OH


The Rundown

2x SQ (195)

The Commit


“After visiting several universities, I was impressed with the facilities at Findlay.

The coaches were down to earth, and I enjoyed visiting with them and how they treated me. I feel good about the direction that the program is heading.

Their financial offer was very good, and it will keep the cost of my education low. The university also has the area of study that I am interested in. It is also not too far away from home.”

The Others

Ashland, Campbell, West Liberty

The Keys

“I wanted a school that offered my degree choice.

I was looking for a team and coaches that I was comfortable with and where I fit in. Coaches that would push me and a program where I see myself succeeding and getting the most out of my potential.

I liked the facilities, and the smaller campus feel with the lower professor to student ratios. It seems like the educational staff cares about the students and student-athletes.”

The Division

“I felt like I wanted a more relaxed college experience compared to D1. I wanted to have a better balance between my education and athletics.”

The Fit

“A hard worker, a dedicated wrestler, and a wrestler who has only scratched the surface of his potential.”

“A well-conditioned, trained wrestler who wants to be at the top of the podium at the NCAA championships.”

“I am hoping an immediate starter at the 197-weight class.”

The Now

“I need to keep in shape by doing cardio, weightlifting, and make sure all my takedowns, setups, and turns are all in point.”

“I’m making the best of the current situation by weightlifting and conditioning, trying to stay in the best shape possible. If all this clears up, I’m hoping to go back to Virginia Beach and the Disney duels. I might try out so other summer tournaments too.”

The Future

“Stay dedicated to my schoolwork and athletics. I want to leave behind a legacy of accomplishments as a team and individually.”

“How much fun I had with my team, how well I got along with my coaches, how much I improved from high school to college, and how good my professors were.”

The Message

“The coaches at Findlay are amazing, and the facilities are great. There are a lot of great majors to choose from, taught by great professors, and the campus is located in a nice town surrounded by nice restaurants and convenient shopping centers.”

The Fun Fact

“When I was playing football my freshman year, I tore the ligament in my ring finger and missed my entire freshman wrestling season.”

“It was very unfortunate, but I think it gave me more motivation to do better with every opportunity I am given because I never know when my career could come to an end.”

The Oilers

D2 School located in Findlay, OH.

Had 3 National Qualifiers, but the National Championship was canceled.

Class of 2020

Jake Kowalski – Springboro, OH

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