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Transcript Review

Freshman eligibility is perhaps the most important part of the recruiting process. Are you on track to be able to not only attend the perfect institution for you but be eligible to compete and represent your institution?

This starts as a freshman and continues all the way through your senior year.

With 7 different divisions, all with different sets of rules, eligibility can be difficult to both understand and determine where you fall. Test Scores, Core-Classes, GPA, Class Rank, and more all play a factor.

That’s where we come in.

Not only will we tell you if you are on track to be eligible, but we will also provide targeted benchmarks just for you. Think of it as a roadmap on where you need to go.

Don’t get caught behind, or, even worse, being ineligible!

Don’t make a coach call you and tell you that you won’t be able to attend your institution of choice!

Be informed and prepared!

Eligibility review for EVERY division:


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*Please allow up to 72 hours for initial request-response and 5 business days for the return of the report.

**We will not share your transcripts with any other persons. All information is kept confidential.

***Disclaimer – We are not representative of any division’s eligibility center. We can’t guarantee eligibility or acceptance into any division or institution.