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Recruit of the Week

Take Your Recruiting To The Coaches!

Think about this for a second. The reason most wrestlers go to offseason national tournaments is to get noticed and recruited by college coaches. You’ll spend $100 for an entry fee. A night or two of hotels for $150-200. Food for a few days. Add travel there and back and you’re probably spending $500-1000+. This works great if you win a handful of matches and coaches actually get a chance to see you. Most likely, that didn’t happen. There are only so many coaches there with probably 8-20 mats to watch, and the coaches are also trying to talk to recruits.

Chances are, for the vast majority of recruits, this isn’t the best way to noticed and recruited.

Instead, let us take you to the coaches. ALL of them. EVERY division. *Currently Male only*

EVERY week we send a newsletter to EVERY college coach in the country we call Recruits of the Week. We’ll put you in that newsletter front and center for every coach to see you.

We do all the work for you. You just have to sign up.

Best of all, it’s cheaper than your pre-match meal at that national tournament!



"I got a handful of calls within a week from coaches that had never heard of me, despite being a 2x state champ." - NAIA Commit