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Program Maps

Visualize ALL the Programs in the Country

Having a list of all the programs in the country is nice, but what’s even better is being able to actually see where each one is located. This allows you to really get an idea of what programs are where. So, if you are looking for programs on the West Coast, all you have to do is take a quick look. You can narrow it down even more if you know what division(s) you want too. In seconds you can look for any NJCAA school located in the Pacific Northwest. Combine this with our College Database and you have the absolute best way to find the perfect program for you!


Each school is color-coded based upon the division they compete in.

CCCAA = Gray
NAIA = Yellow
NCAA D1 = Blue
NCAA D2 = Red
NCAA D3 = Green
NJCAA = Black

The female programs are color-coded based upon the division they would compete in if there was sponsorship at every level. For example, Presbyterian College is listed as NCAA D1 despite the NCAA D1 level not sponsoring women’s wrestling. It is currently in emerging sport status meaning that when there are 40 NCAA schools sponsoring women’s wrestling then there will be an official NCAA championship for women’s wrestling. However, there still would not be an NCAA D1, D2, and D3 championship. That would not happen until there are 40 programs at each level. The NAIA currently sponsors women’s wrestling as an emerging sport as well. Some programs, including all of the NJCAA, compete in the WCWA as well, which is not represented in the color-coding. This is because once the NAIA and NCAA sponsor women’s wrestling the WCWA will most likely cease to exist anymore.

The map allows you a few options to interact with it. You can zoom in further and click on any of the flags to get more information on the school. Across the top of the map where the blue title bar is you are provided a few options as well. The first icon with an arrow is a popout menu. This will give you a list of all the programs, which you can click on one to be taken to that school on the map and you can click on each division to add or remove divisions you want to see. So, if you only want to see all the NAIA programs, you can click the check box next to each division name to remove the other divisions. On the right side of the bar, you can use the share icon to share it with other people or embed it to your own website. Finally, you can click on the full-screen icon to view the map in its own window within Google Maps.

Male Programs


Female Programs