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College Database



You’re here because you’re searching for the right institution and program to continue your wrestling career. Finding the right one is vital to achieving your goals and living your dreams.

If you’re like most recruits, you probably only know about a handful of programs. The ones that are close to you and the ones you’ve seen on TV or in the media. You’d be just like us when we were coming out of HS. We can count on one hand the numbers of programs we knew about. Guess what, we ended up at one of those programs. As you can guess, that decision wasn’t well informed and thought out. Yours won’t be either.

Studies have shown you can’t attend an institution or wrestle in a program you don’t know about. It’s 100% impossible.

Just knowing a program exists is only half the battle. Every institution is different. They are different costs. They are different sizes. They have different academics. They are in different locations.

The PFR College Database provides you with the easiest and fastest way to learn everything you need to know about EVERY institution with a wrestling program, both Female and Male.

That’s over 400 institutions for Males and over 75 for Females!*

Think about this, if you were looking for a house, would you only look at the houses that are on the same block or within a couple of miles? ABSOLUTELY NOT. You’d go to a website you can search for ones within an area, with the right amount of rooms, within your price range, and the amenities you want.

That’s what the College Database does. It allows you to filter your search down, based upon over 20 data points, to the institutions that may be right for you.

Try it out. You may be surprised at what you learn!


"There are so many more schools out there I never knew existed. The database allowed me to open up my search to new schools that would fit me and cut out all the schools that wouldn't. I ended up committing to a school I had never heard of 6 months before!" - D2 commit