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For Wrestlers


Here’s a secret from PFR to you:

That scholarship you want, NO ONE else can get you one.  YOU earn it. It’s not a coach or a parent. It’s YOU!

But how? YOU do it by putting in the work and taking charge of YOUR recruiting process.

Don’t let ANYONE tell you differently. It’s that simple.

Think of it this way: does your HS coach give YOU a state title or medal? Absolutely NOT! They gave YOU all the tools YOU needed to EARN it YOURSELF.

PFR is your recruiting coach. We are going to give YOU all the recruiting tools YOU need to earn YOUR scholarship at YOUR RIGHT institution.

Every recruitment is different. YOUR process will be DIFFERENT than your teammates. That’s why you need guidance and information, and NOT a one size fits all how-to.

How do we know? We’ve been you, and that’s why we are here.

From the very beginning to the end, we are there for you with a variety of resources to help you make the best possible decision easier.

"All you wrestlers that are out there who are trying to get noticed by college coaches, a great website is PinFall Recruiting!" - HS Coach

College Database

You can't make the right decision if you don't know all your options. The College Database has every college with a wrestling program in the country! It doesn't stop there, it has all the important pertinent information you need about each one; cost, academics, and athletics.


Recruiting is is confusing and complicated. Different rules for different organizations. Written for lawyers and not wrestlers. Our guides breaks it down in an easy to understand format so you can understand the recruiting and college selection process!


The best FREE way to get recruited by going to where the coaches are! Signing up for the PFRdatabase puts you in front of every college coach that subscribes. That's over 800!


Started in 2019, the PFR Scholarship provides a one year scholarship to a Female and Male continuing their wrestling career after HS. Sign up for your opportunity to win. Donate to help wrestlers pursue their dreams!


Both Male and Female color-coded by division maps so you can visually see all the programs across the country. Combine the Maps with the College Database and there isn't a better way to find a program.


Calendar of all the major recruiting events you need to know about. Including: Key Recruiting Timeline Dates, Camps/Clinics, Recruiting Events, Test Dates, and more.

Institutional Rankings

An institution is more than just it's academics or it's wrestling program. That's why we've created our own rankings that combine them both. Find out which institutions excel at both!