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PFRdatabase – Women

Save Time

We've been college coaches, we know there aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done. Spending hours searching through brackets and results should be the last thing you waste time on. The PFRdatabase will take your hours of searching down to minutes.

Let's say you are looking for any senior wrestler from the states of CA, HI, OR, and TX, who was a state finalist, at any weight below 132. The amount of time it takes you to determine who you are looking for is how long it takes to find them!

Quick Search

Quickly determine how good a wrestler is. You get emails and recruit forms of wrestlers interested in your program all the time. You always need to do research to determine if they are a wrestler you're interested in. Instead of brackets and results, just do a search in the PFRdatabase. All it takes is a minute.

How many times have you been at a tournament and you see a wrestler you want more info in? You write it down on your list to do research on when you get a break or spend 10 minutes right then and there. All the time! With PFRdatabase you can do a quick search and find out right away!

Actually Coach & Recruit

Use all the hours you save looking for wrestlers on actually recruiting wrestlers! Recruiting is the lifeblood of every program, and the more time you can devote to doing it means your program is going to be better.

Academics and Contact

Not only does the PFRdatabase have results, but more importantly it has personal contact and academic info! It's a waste of time to try and recruit a wrestler that is unable to be accepted into your institution.

Almost 20% of all the 2020 state placers have their personal contact info in the PFRdatabase.

Over 10% have academic info in the PFRdatabase.

We are adding more all the time!

By the numbers in the PFRdatabase

994 = 20'-21' Returning State Placers [Different placers, not total placings] [Officially sanctioned state tournaments]

  • 450 = Class of 21'
    • Contact info = 9%
  • 334 = Class of 22'
    • Contact info = 10%
  • 190 = Class of 23'
    • Contact info = 6%
  • 4 = Class of 24'
  • 163 = Fargo All-Americans
    • Contact info = 34%

440 = Wrestlers with Contact Info (Email and/or Phone)



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