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Daniel DeRosier – Nebraska-Kearney

The Who
Daniel DeRosier
Bellevue East, NE

The Rundown
4th @ 132, 126
6th @ 113

The Commit

“Firstly, I wanted to stay in Nebraska and close to home.

Secondly, I loved my visit and not just the wrestling program. I want to major in business, and when I met with their professors, I could tell they would help me succeed.

I also love Kearney’s head coach. He’s nice, and I know he will help me reach the next level and become an All-American.

I also liked the fact they have great trainers and can get X-rays and doctor’s appointments for athletes quickly.

Their weightlifting program will really help me increase my strength and endurance.

Kearney is also in my price range, and with my grades and ACT scores, I can hopefully get out with minimal debt or no debt at all.”

The Others
La Crosse, Morningside, Nebraska Wesleyan, William Penn

The Division
“I like to be challenged, and I feel like D2 will give me the hardest challenge. I’ll have to work hard, and to me, that’s what it’s all about.”

The Keys
“I wanted a smaller school with about 30 kids per classroom or less. A school that has a good business program, the major I wanted, and will take care of you.

I was looking for a team full of studs, and Kearney has a lot of kids who I know are studs and watched in high school. A team whose coaches understand me and what I want to achieve.”

The Fit
“A good student, laid-back, nice guy, who works hard no matter what the task is, whether that’s school or wrestling. Someone who will become a family member to everyone he meets and will help them whenever they need it.”

“A wrestler who is aggressive and smooth on his feet and is really good at leg riding and on top in general. The main thing is I will always keep the pace high and go the full match at that pace.”

“Right now, I don’t know fully because it’ll be a year before I get there. It looks like I might be at 141.”

The Now
“I need to work on exploding out on bottom and setting up my shots better.”

“If there is a season, I’m looking for a state title for it to be fully successful.”

The Future
“I want to just keep getting better at wrestling. My goal is to be a National Champ, and so getting better every day will help me reach that as well.

I want to make all my partners better and UNK better.

I want to maintain good grades and leave knowing I’ll be able to get a job with my experience I gained.”

The Message
“If they want the best coaches and best practice partners in D2, that’s the place to go.”

The Fun Fact
I have inverted pinky knuckles.” 

The knuckle is like flipped over from what it should be, and it creates a little gap in the knuckle instead of it being a lump.”

“It can [cause problems] in some people but not for me. A lot of the pictures when you look it up will have their finger looking broke and off to the side, but mine didn’t do that, luckily.” 

The Lopers
D2 School located in Kearney, NE.

Had 7 National Qualifiers for 2020 National Tournament.

Class of 2021
Tyler Collins – Wray, CO
John Hostler – Broomfield, CO
Fabian Lopez – Sedgwick County-Fleming, CO
Jackson Kinsella – Creston, IA
Briar Reisz – Logan-Magnolia, IA
Drew Arnold – Beatrice, NE
Dylan Vodicka – David City, NE

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