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Brian Soldano – Rutgers

The Who
Brian Soldano

High Point, NJ


The Rundown
State Champ (160)

SQ (160)

Finalist NHSCA Fr. (160)

3rd Super 32 (160)

7th Fargo U16 FS (170)

#16 @ 160

#16 @ 2022

The Commit

“When I was going into high school, people were telling me I won’t go anywhere if I stayed home, and I need to go to these prep schools to be showcased. But the fact of the matter is, if you’re good enough, colleges will find you.

So, I chose home once, and it worked out for me, and I feel choosing home again is the best choice I can make.”

“I looked at all my options and brought it down to my top 6 schools. Within those 6 schools, Rutgers had the best bond with me, and I don’t really like having people calling me all day and night.

I figured there’s nothing better than home.

I also was told by all my coaches if I really liked a school, why wait to go there.”

“I really want to do more than just college, and I think Rutgers and NJ’s RTC [Regional Training Center] is on the rise, so I want to be part of it.”

The Others
Cornell, Penn State, Rutgers, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Wisconsin

The Keys
“I was looking for four things: a great fan crowd, great partners, and the best facility with the most resources.”

The Fit
“I was raised to be humble and respected everyone.

As a wrestler, I was told to switch it into another gear and score as many points as possible for the team. My coach and I have a saying “enemies on the mat and friends off the mat.”

“[Expect] A lot of bonus points.”

“Hope I can come in around 174-184 depending on where Connor [O’Neill] and Poz [John Poznanski] will be.”

The Now
“I need to become more offensive and physical.”

“Be consistently in the top-3 ranked P4P [Pound for Pound] wrestlers.”

The Future
“First, I want to get a couple of team titles; then, I want to get some Big 10 and NCAA titles for myself.”

“My team was the best in Rutgers’ history. I have very high hopes for this team, and I feel we can accomplish all of them.”

The Message
“I would say no matter where you are on the team, you’ll be part of a brotherhood, and that’s what makes wrestling fun.”

The Fun Fact
Fun is being able to joke and beat up other teams.”

The Scarlet Knights
D1 School located in New Brunswick, NJ.

Had 5 National Qualifiers for 2020 National Tournament.

Class of 2022
Brian Soldano – High Point, NJ

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