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  • Week of 9 November Commits

    Female Lily Sherer (Delaware Valley, PA) – Lock Haven, 2021 Fargo U16 Finalist 3rd Super 32 Finalist Super 32 4th #6 @ 132 (FLO) #50 Sr. (TOM) Maddi Michael (Gallatin, MO) – William Jewell, 2021 Solana Mottola (Temecula Valley, CA via Corona) – Tiffin, 2021 3rd 2x SQ #11 @ 127 (FLO) #55 Sr. (TOM) Adrienna Turner (Davis, CA) – Grand View, 2021 3rd 4th SQ #2 @ 127 (FLO) #41 Sr. (TOM)   Male Avery Bassett (Midd-West, PA) – George Mason, 2021 3rd 2x SQ NHSCA So. 8th NHSCA Fr. 7th Super 32 8th Former Army Commit #14 @… Read More

  • Abe Hinrichsen – Cal Poly

    The Who Abe Hinrichsen Washington, IL 2021 The Rundown 2nd @ 106 4th @ 120, 113 The Commit Cal Poly “Academically and athletically, Cal Poly just felt like the right place for me. It has been a dream of mine to wrestle division 1, and Cal Poly gave me an opportunity to do that. Talking to different people on the team, I was able to see that many of them had the same mindset as me and are people that I can really get along with. This was huge because I look for a family in a wrestling team, and… Read More

  • Lily Sherer – Lock Haven

    The Who Lily Sherer Delaware Valley, PA 2021 The Rundown 2nd Fargo Cadet @ 132 2nd Super 32 @ 139 3rd Fargo U16 @ 132 4th Super 32 @ 130 #6 @ 132 (FLO) #50 Sr. (TOM) The Commit Lock Haven “It’s close enough to home while still being a totally different environment. I believe Coach Perry has the same motives I do, and we are going to be a force to be reckoned with in the next four years. The opportunity to train alongside a D1 men’s team is few and far between for women, so really Lock Haven… Read More

  • Gavin Cagle – Virginia

    The Who Gavin Cagle Christian Academy, TN via McCallie 2021 The Rundown 2x State Champ @ 170, 160 5th @ 152 6th @ 132 8th National Prep @ 160 6th NHSCA So. @ 160 The Commit Virginia “Choosing Virginia was part of a process. There were several things I needed to consider to make the right choice to fit me. The first consideration was the school itself. I asked, would I enjoy being a student at this university if I wasn’t competing in wrestling? Virginia has a beautiful campus, is in a really nice city with lots to offer. The… Read More

  • Week of 2 November Commits

    Michael Toranzo (St. Joseph Regional-Montvale, NJ) – Oregon State, 2021 6th SQ NHSCA So. 3rd NHSCA Fr. 6th Casey Swiderski (Dundee, MI) – Iowa State, 2022 2x State Champ 4th Super 32 Fargo Cadet FS 8th #81 Jr. Antrell Taylor (Millard South, NE) – Nebraska, 2022 State Champ Finalist Fargo U16 FS Finalist #24 Jr. Adam Thebeau (Belleville East, IL) – Nebraska, 2021 5th Ethan Finch (Sheffield, PA) – Pittsburgh, 2021 6th SQ Super 32 4th Harley Andrews (Tuttle, OK) – Nebraska, 2022 State Champ Finalist Fargo U16 FS 5th #58 Jr. #6 @ 195 Damon Huston (Midland, IA) –… Read More

  • Hunter Gandy – Pennsylvania

    The Who Hunter Gandy Woodstown, NJ 2021 The Rundown 3x SQ @ 138, 126, 113 The Commit Pennsylvania “I chose UPenn because I feel it is the school that best fits me. UPenn has a great combination of high academic standards as well as a great Division 1 wrestling program. I feel that UPenn gives me the best opportunity to succeed on and off the mat. I also believe UPenn has a great coaching staff and RTC that can get me ready to be successful on the next level. A few other benefits of being at UPenn are that it… Read More

  • Hayden Pummel – Northern Illinois

    The Who Hayden Pummel Indian Lake, OH 2021 The Rundown 7th @ 160 SQ (canceled) @ 160 The Commit Northern Illinois “I chose NIU because I had started a great relationship with [Head] Coach [Ryan] Ludwig. I was able to talk with him over the phone numerous times, and when he was telling me the team morals and values, they really hit home with me. I knew a couple of kids on the team and was able to talk with them about the program and how they felt about everything, so it was great to hear their input on the… Read More

  • Week of 26 Oct Commits

    Female Mackenzie Delvecchio (Parkland, PA) – Lock Haven, 2021 Julie Hanson (Niles West, IL) – Lincoln, 2021 Gada Bryant (Bismarck-Henning/Rossville-Alvin/Armstrong-Potomac, IL) – Lincoln, 2021   Male Tony Pray (Creighton Prep, NE) – Brown, 2021 State Champ 2nd 6th Zak Kalafut (DeSoto, KS via Overland Park St. Thomas Aquinas) – William Jewell, 2021 2x SQ Evan Gleason (Easton, PA via Bethlehem Catholic) – Harvard, 2021 5th SQ Gavin Cagle (Christian Academy, TN via McCallie) – Virginia, 2021 2x State Champ 5th 6th National Prep 8th NHSCA So. 6th Triston Norris (North Henderson, NC) – Appalachian State, 2021 State Finalist 5th Super… Read More

  • Week of 19 October Commits

    Xavier Doolin (North Kansas City, MO) – Northern Colorado, 2021 State Finalist 5th 6th NHSCA So. Finalist Hayden Pummel (Indian Lake, OH) – Northern Illinois, 2021 7th SQ (canceled) Troy Spratley (Wyoming Seminary, PA via Collinsville, OK) – Minnesota, 2022 OK State Champ National Prep 4th Super 2x 32 7th #4 @ 120 #21 Jr. Hunter Gandy (Woodstown, NJ) – Pennsylvania, 2021 3x SQ Bryce Cheney (Hartland, MI via New Lothrop) Lake Erie, 2021 State Finalist SQ Brayden Randolph (Clinton, MI) – Lake Erie, 2021 2x State Finalist 3rd Fargo Cadet GR Finalist Nate Schon (Selinsgrove, PA) – Iowa State,… Read More

  • Zane Rankin – Chadron State

    The Who Zane Rankin Lamar, CO 2021 The Rundown 2x State Champ @ 132 SQ @ 132 The Commit Chadron State “They have a really great program, and I love the culture. I believe in a lot of the same things that [head] coach [Brett] Hunter does, and I think I will really enjoy wrestling for him. The guys on the team are great; really welcoming and inviting, and super hard workers. The campus is awesome, and I love the small-town feel when you’re in Chadron. I thought D1 was what I wanted, but as soon as I met coach… Read More