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  • Week of 11 May Commits

    Female Kaelyn Siason (Everett Alvarez, CA) – Providence, 2020 4th   Male Bryce Allison (Elyria, OH) – Tiffin, 2020 7th SQ Jack Sindlinger (Charles City, IA) – Coe, 2020 8th SQ Ja’Quez Bostic (Spring Valley, SC via Iowa Central) – Limestone, 2020 NJCAA 8th Jacob Perez-Eli (Paulsboro, NJ) – Iowa State, 2020 State Finalist 5th 2x SQ NHSCA Fr. 4th Blake Haub (Ogden, IA) – Ellsworth, 2020 State Champ Liam McAveney (Masconomet, MA) – Rochester Institute of Tech, 2020 2x 6th 8th David Schultz (Mt. St. Joseph, MD via Bloomsburg) – Ellsworth, 2020 Joe Oster (Lockport, IL) – Joliet, 2020… Read More

  • Week of 4 May Commits

    Female Gianna Anaya (San Fernando, CA) – Emmanuel, 2020 State Finalist 3rd 5th Fargo Jr. 7th Fargo Cadet 4th Sandra Guerrero (West Orange, NJ) – New Jersey City, 2020 State Champ 4th #9 @ 200 (USAW/NWHOF/Flo)   Male Mitch Hutmacher (Chatham Glenwood, IL) – Purdue, 2020 State Finalist 6th 2x SQ  Justin Wright (Howell, NJ) – Rider, 2020 6th Charlie Stuhl (Ellsworth, WI) – Augsburg, 2020 2x State Finalist 3rd SQ Blaine Wilson (Nazareth, PA) – Pittsburgh, 2020 SQ Mitch Moore (Graham, OH via Virginia Tech) – Oklahoma, 2020 2x NCAA D1 NQ Dylan Norris (Eaton Rapids, MI) – Lake… Read More

  • Week of 27 April Commits

    Female Victoria Nunez (El Paso Hanks, TX) – McKendree, 2020 State Champ 2x 2nd Folk 8th Taylor Howell (Clarksville, TN) – Campbellsville, 2020 State Finalist Joey Tully (Excelsior, CA) – Midland, 2020 Tristan Kelly (Douglas County, CO) – Colorado-Mesa, 2020 Fargo Jr Champ Finalist 3rd Fargo Cadet Champ Fargo Cadet 6th Super 32 Champ Cadet World Team #2 @ 164 (USAW/Flo/NWHOF) Kelsey Novogradec (Benzie Central, MI) – Davenport, 2020 Male Anthony Molton (Lockport, IL via Old Dominion) – Fresno State, 2020 Carter Proffitt (Charles City, IA via Waverly-Shell Rock) – Wartburg, 2020 4th SQ Zeb Gnida (Solon, IA) – Loras,… Read More

  • Jake Kowalski – Findlay

    The Who Jake Kowalski Springboro, OH 2020 The Rundown 2x SQ (195) The Commit Findlay “After visiting several universities, I was impressed with the facilities at Findlay. The coaches were down to earth, and I enjoyed visiting with them and how they treated me. I feel good about the direction that the program is heading. Their financial offer was very good, and it will keep the cost of my education low. The university also has the area of study that I am interested in. It is also not too far away from home.” The Others Ashland, Campbell, West Liberty The… Read More

  • Week of 20 April Commits

    Female Jasmin Ballesteros (Montgomery, CA) – Midland, 2020  2x SQ Baylie Koonce (Ponderosa, CO) – Saint Mary, 2020 Tehani Soares (Shadow Ridge, NV) – Indiana Tech, 2020      Fargo Jr. 6th Fargo Cadet 4th #7 @ 106 (Flo/USAW/NWHOF) Samantha Larsen (Wallkill, NJ) – King, 2020 3rd Super 32 5th Alisha van Scoy (Rapid City Stevens, SD) – Saint Mary, 2020 8th Folkstyle Maddy Frick (Douglas County, CO) – Colorado-Mesa, 2020 Catherine McNulty (Whittier, MA) – Indiana Tech, 2020 2x State Champ Tateum Park (Davenport North, IA) – Augsburg, 2020 #22 @ 122 (Flo/USAW/NWHOF) Trinity Costa (Honesdale, PA) – East Stroudsburg, 2020… Read More

  • Week of 13 April Commits

    Female Sami Lusk (American Falls, ID) – Grand View, 2020 Riley Morrison (Princeton, TX) – Trine, 2020 3rd 4th 6th Samantha Bush (Bonneville, UT via MacMurray) – Grand View, 2020 Riley Horvath (Jimtown, IN) – Indiana Tech, 2020 Lexi Tupuola (Moanalua, HI via Eastern Oregon) – Midland, 2020 Sadie Antoque (Castle, HI) – Midland, 2020 2x State Champ 2nd 4th #16 @ 152 (Flo/NWHOF/USAW) Stefana Jelacic (Chandler, AZ) – Lourdes, 2020 State Champ Fargo Jr 2x 4th Fargo Cadet Champ 3rd #1 @ 117 (Flo/NWHOF/USAW) Jayden VonMoos (Paloma Valley, CA) – Colorada-Mesa, 2020 2x SQ Aine Drury (Westminster, CA) –… Read More

  • Week of 6 April Commits

    Willie McDougald (Niagara Falls, NY) – Oklahoma, 2020 2x State Champ 2nd 6th SQ NHSCA Jr. 8th Jason Henschel (Goddard, KS) – Pratt, 2020 3x State Champ SQ Fargo Jr. GR 8th Jovanni Butler (Rockdale County, GA) – Iowa Lakes, 2020 5th Justin Jaeckin (Olmsted Falls, OH) – Cleveland State, 2020 2x SQ Richard Treanor (Hough, NC) – Army, 2021 2x State Champ 3rd NHSCA So. Finalist Fargo Jr. GR 8th Fargo Cadet GR Finalist Fargo Cadet GR 7th Fargo Cadet FS 8th Justin McDougald (Niagara Wheatfield, NY) – Buffalo, 2020 State Champ 2x 2nd 5th SQ NHSCA Fr. Finalist… Read More

  • Josh LaBarbera – Pennsylvania

    The Who Josh LaBarbera Metea Valley, IL via Montini 2020 The Rundown State Champ (220) SQ (182, 170) 4th Fargo Jr. Greco (182) 6th Fargo Cadet Greco (182) 6th Fargo Cadet Freestyle (182) The Commit Pennsylvania “I felt like Penn was a place where I could succeed both on and off the mat. Penn is a place where you don’t have to sacrifice academics for wrestling, but you also don’t have to sacrifice wrestling for academics. Beyond that, their coaching staff is filled with seasoned vets who have done everything in the wrestling world, and they have the PRTC [Pennsylvania… Read More

  • Dorian Keys – Purdue

    The Who Dorian Keys Brownsburg, IN 2020 The Rundown State Champ (285) 3rd (285) The Commit Purdue “One of the main reasons I chose Purdue was because of the coaching staff; they’re a great group of coaches who know how to run a program and not only care about the team but the athletes in general. Not only that, the team is trending in the right direction. Another reason I chose Purdue was because of the school academics. It’s a prestigious school, and I know when I graduate, I’ll be graduating with an accredited degree from a respected university. The… Read More

  • Conner Dehn – Wartburg

    The Who Connor Dehn Totino-Grace, MN via Wahlert Catholic, IA 2020 The Rundown IA SQ (160) MN SQ (152, 138) The Commit Wartburg “I can just see it’s a pretty special place. I know it’s somewhere that I’m going to be held to the highest standard, both in the classroom and on the mat. The coaches are super enthusiastic and love wrestling. Just talking to them got me excited to get on the mat. I also have some coaches and people that I know very well who had nothing but good things to say about the school and the wrestling… Read More